Asset Management Plan

Council’s Roads Asset Management Plan and the Bridges Asset Management Plan are currently out for public exhibition. These are the first of their kind in Hobsons Bay and demonstrate a new approach to asset management at Council.

Council has developed these asset management plans to ensure our assets are properly maintained now and into the future. This proactive approach to asset management combines the management with financial, engineering and technical practice to ensure an appropriate level of service is provided at the most economical cost to the community and the environment. Asset management plans form the cornerstone of an effective asset management system. They provide a road map for achieving value from physical assets by optimising cost, risk and performance across the lifecycle of an asset.

These asset management plans also guide the way Council protects community assets, to lengthen the lifespan of the assets and to ensure replacement, upgrade or renewal of assets is undertaken at the appropriate time.

You can view the Roads Asset Management and the Bridges Asset Management Plans below.