Blenheim Road Reserve

In coming months, Council will be developing a master plan for Blenheim Road Reserve, the reserve adjacent to the Australian Islamic Centre. See below for context map. The entire area in green below is allocated for the new park, which will be developed in full over the next three years for all the community to enjoy.

Prior to the development of the new reserve, Council has given the Australian Islamic Centre permission to use part of the unconstructed parkland for overflow car parking. This will be permitted over the next three months during the season of Ramadan and the first few months of the new prayer centre being open. For further information on the traffic and parking changes to Blenheim Road and the reserve during this time, view and download the Australian Islamic Centre - Stage One Opening Fact Sheet(PDF, 257KB).

For further information regarding the temporary use of the park site for overflow parking or the upcoming masterplan and community consultation process, contact the Project Team.


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