KC White Reserve - Junior Baseball Netting

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Council has recently undertaken netting works at KC White Reserve. During these works our project officers were notified by community members of growing safety concerns regarding errant baseballs landing in properties, on cars and some near misses to people themselves in the south eastern corner of the reserve.



It is important that Council addresses these concerns and safety issues to reduce the risk of injury and damage to private property. We propose to replace the junior baseball netting in order to protect nearby properties, residents and park users while baseball training and competition takes place at the reserve.

The picture below demonstrates the black chain mesh which is designed to make as little visual impact as possible, while ensuring community safety. The new installation is proposed to sit between the baseball diamond and the existing tree line. We understand some concerns have been raised about the appearance of the netting. Should you wish to discuss these concerns, please contact us and let us know what they are so we can reach a resolution.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why is the junior baseball netting required?

A.  Several safety issues have been raised after stray balls had flown into nearby properties, and close to residents and spectators. Baseballs are very hard, and travel at high speed at a variety of angles. They have potential to cause significant injury and damage to property.  The proposed junior baseball netting aims to minimise risk to people and property during baseball training and competition.

Q. Will the new netting mean extra use?

A. No extra use will occur because of the new netting. It will receive the same amount of use as previous seasons.

Q. When will the junior baseball netting be used?
A. The netting will be used at club training sessions after school/work hours (Monday to Friday) and for matches on weekends. This will not change from previous seasons.

Q. Were other locations at the Reserve considered?

A. Yes. Discussions were held about the location of the netting, however due to multiple games being played at once across different fields, this was the only viable location.

Q. Will any trees be removed due to this project?

A. No trees will be removed due to this project.

Q. Why was black chosen as the colour?
A. The black netting is consistent with sports netting on other reserves and minimises impacts to visual amenity.

Q. What are the measurements of the netting and poles?
A. As per the diagram below, the netting design includes 6-metre high metal poles with netting to include black chain mesh to 3 metres high then soft netting for the remaining 3 metres.


If you would like to talk to us about these changes please contact Callum Richards, Sport and Recreation Officer on 9932 1290 or email crichards@hobsonsbay.vic.gov.au by Wednesday 16 December 2020.


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