HD Graham Reserve Master Plan

The H.D. Graham Reserve Master Plan was endorsed at the Ordinary Council Meeting held on 9 July 2019.

H.D. Graham Reserve is located on a 19 hectare site which acts as the gateway to the Truganina Park, the 100 Steps of Federation and the internationally recognised Cheetham Wetlands - an important breeding ground for migratory shorebirds.

Community feedback and budget submissions informed many of the features incorporated into the plan including:

  • scaling down the proposed BMX park to a smaller facility suitable for younger children
  • reconfiguring the layout of the soccer fields so lighting is at least 110m away from residential boundaries
  • a potential site for the Hobsons Bay Wetlands Centre a community-led project headed up by 2019 Hobsons Bay Citizen of the Year, Dr Marilyn Olliff

The H.D. Graham Reserve Master Plan also includes:

  • Improve access to and awareness of indigenous vegetation and valuable habitat into the site
  • buffers around significant areas to protect them
  • path circuits and viewing nodes to encourage engagement and education
  • planting additional vegetation to build on these areas of significance

The cost estimate for the implementation of the master plan is $6.6m which includes:

  • the design development
  • sportsground development
  • sports pavilion
  • shared pathway network
  • landscaping
  • BMX and skate park upgrades
  • a new play space
  • water sensitive urban design initiatives
  • site remediation and preparation

The master plan will be delivered over the next three financial years, as per the five year Capital Works Program, with $500,000 allocated in the 2019-20 Budget to develop the sport facility.

The H.D. Graham Reserve Master Plan and consultation results can be viewed on Council's Participate website.

 HD Graham Reserve sportsground and floodlighting works update

Site preparation works have commenced for the development of the new sportsgrounds on the west side of Andrew Park Drive HD Graham Reserve. These works include the removal of 300mm of top soil in preparation for the new irrigation system. The project is set to be completed by September 2021. There are measures in place, such as an air monitoring station and water truck, to control any potential air pollution during the excavation works.


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