G Den Dulk Reserve Park Improvement Project

G Den Dulk Reserve serves as an important open space corridor within Altona and supports a variety of passive recreation activities and facilities including the Somers Parade Kindergarten and Latitude community support services. Improvements are planned for the eastern end of the reserve (the section between Seagull Avenue and Maidstone Street - opposite the Somers Parade shops).

Following extensive community consultation, plans were developed to upgrade this reserve.

The upgrade includes:

  • the replacement of the playground
  • creation of a new quarter basketball court and activities area
  • reserve landscaping
  • new park furniture
  • connecting pathways
  • community garden space

Latest News

Construction work has commenced onsite with the old playground now removed. New play equipment will be installed in the coming weeks. Works on the community garden space is underway with the path network being constructed.

It is anticipated that works onsite will be completed by mid December.


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