Fearon Reserve

Council has commenced works at Fearon Reserve, Williamstown. These works will address key problems within the reserve and create a site of accessibility and connection. The majority of works will take place between January 2020 and April 2020 with the works to the public toilets scheduled to occur in mid 2020.

These works include:

  • building and works to the Lacrosse Pavilion including recladding and restoration of the western facing veranda, new fencing for the practice courts and the inclusion of toughened glazing of social room windows

  • an upgrade of the existing gravel car park of the Fearon Lacrosse Pavilion with a water sensitive design and reinforced turf car park
    • Harsley Pavilion upgrades will include building renewal works to the existing four player change rooms with the inclusion of new female friendly facilities. The existing building will be extended for the inclusion of umpire facilities and additional storage to replace the current storage (shipping container)
  •  the lighting to the reserve will be upgraded to include four new light poles adjacent to the Williamstown Botanic Gardens

  • replacement of the existing public toilets on the south east side of the reserve, to include additional storage for the cricket clubs, near the Esplanade and the Williamstown Botanic Gardens

From January 2020 to April 2020, the reserve will not be able to be accessed through the existing gravel car park between the Harsley Pavilion and Lacrosse Pavilion as noted below in red. The reserve can still be accessed via The Esplanade and Osbourne Street.

Fearon Reserve.JPG


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