Digman Reserve Master Plan Implementation

Digman Reserve is an important open space area for residents living in Newport. It is mainly used as a sporting reserve however it does also incorporate a dedicated children's play space and is a popular destination for dog walking and other informal activities.

In 2017, following extensive consultation with the resident clubs and local community, Council endorsed the Digman Reserve Master Plan. This Council approved master plan will result in:

  • increased car parking for the reserve
  • a new pavilion for the resident clubs
  • the redevelopment of the eastern and western ovals with the installation of floodlights for increased training capacity and to support a new winter sports tenant


You can view the master plan for Digman Reserve here(PDF, 20MB).

Latest news 

The Digman Reserve Masterplan implementation project is progressing with the construction of the new pavilion and north west carpark. The pavilion and the carpark are expected to be complete by mid-August 2021.

The contractor has commenced the west oval redevelopment, which includes:

  • new turf for the west oval (consistent with the east oval)
  • automatic irrigation system
  • floodlighting for winter training
The play area near Home Road will also be upgraded and is currently under design development stage. The whole Digman Reserve Masterplan will be complete by June 2022.




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