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The new Community park on Epsom Street in Laverton will officially be named Curlew Community Park and will feature tributes to four local residents to honour their contribution to the Laverton community. This decision follows the conclusion of a community consultation process which invited members of the public to suggest a name for Laverton's newest community space.  

The new name is a reference to the Curlew Sandpiper, a migratory bird from Siberia which is endemic to the Wetlands Ward coastal mudflats and waterways.

A community celebration was held on Saturday 14 December 2019 to mark the opening of Curlew Community Park.

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Changes to parking and pedestrian access

Council is nearing completion of the Epsom St Neighbourhood Park. Attention is now on widening the footpaths to complement the new park and improve accessibility. During works, which will start on Monday 11 November, there will be changes to parking and access in the area, including:

  • no pedestrian access on Epsom Street footpaths south of the fire station with detours in place along Fitzroy Street for those wishing to access the train station and the bridge
  • no on-street parking Epsom Street and Fitzroy Street

The project will also include installing two accessible parking bays, removing the angled parking and creating indented parallel parking bays. The new parking bays will cater to visitors of the park. Permanent changes to parking restrictions in Epsom Street and Fitzroy Street will also be introduced, going from unrestricted parking to two hour parking for the entire length of both streets on the reserve side and no standing restrictions on the residential side.

Works are expected to take five weeks to complete, weather dependent, and will coincide with the parking opening in mid-December. Residents will be able to access their properties throughout the works, however will need to keep the street clear by parking in their driveways or in adjacent streets for the duration of the project.

In accordance with the Environmental Protection Regulations (Residential Noise) 2008 Section 3, construction works will be carried out from 7am to 6pm, Monday to Saturday. If construction works are planned outside these hours, residents in the immediate vicinity will be notified in advance. Every effort will be made to minimise the noise level from construction activities.

The journey so far

In May 2014, Council purchased the former Laverton Primary School Site on Epsom Street, Laverton from the Department of Education and Training. The former Laverton Primary School site on Epsom Street was purchased by Council in 2014 to provide much needed public open space for the local community in addition to other potential users.

Council has been working alongside the community to develop a master plan for the use of the Epsom Street site which reflects the current and future needs of the people of Laverton.

In late 2015, Council hosted a drop in session, the first step in the process of understanding the community's thoughts and ideas about the future of the site. Community members were invited to share their stories and thoughts, register to be kept informed, and get involved in the process. 

Council held a further session in June 2016, to provide feedback on the consultation. Open Space and housing were the most desired responses, view the the consultation results(PDF, 3MB). Pedestrian links, access and safety area also key considerations for the master plan.

View information posters displayed at the June consultation: Site Assessment - Key issues(PDF, 3MB) and Future Site Opportunities(PDF, 4MB).

You can view the finalised concept plan for the open space component of the reserve here.(PDF, 1MB)

Timeline of phases

Stage Activities involved Timing
1. Site Assessment and Development
  • Background studies
  • community consultation
  • interim park works and site activation
  • Site analysis
  • Stakeholder discussions and housing location analysis
 2. Open Space Concept
  • Community Consultation 
  • Concept Development
  • Council Approvals
 3. Design and Construction
  • Detailed design
  • Construction




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