Bruce Comben Master Plan Review

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Planning the best possible aquatic centre for Bruce Comben Reserve!

The recently endorsed Hobsons Bay Aquatic Strategy recommended the development of a new aquatic facility on Bruce Comben Reserve. To achieve this task, an update to the Bruce Comben Reserve Plan is required.

A stakeholder reference group (SRG) has been established to help guide an update to the master plan prior to it being displayed on public exhibition. The SRG will contain representatives from the organisations currently located on Bruce Comben Reserve as well as four interested community members.

Organisations to be represented on the working group include:

  • Cooraminta Children's Centre
  • Altona Roosters Rugby League
  • Seabrook Cricket Club
  • Westside Touch Association

These organisations have received a letter from Council asking them to nominate a representative for the SRG. If you are interested in representing one of these organisations, please contact them directly.

Council has chosen four people who have a keen interest in Bruce Comben Reserve and are willing to volunteer to nominate their time in the review of the master plan. Once a draft master plan is developed, it will be placed on community exhibition for comment.

The expression of interest to nominate your interest is now closed. Thank you to all community members for submitting your nomination form.

The nomination process now closed.




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