A.H. Ford Reserve

A.H. Ford Reserve is an important neighbourhood community park that caters for the north-western residential pocket of Altona.

Council is completing a full reserve upgrade including a new playground, picnic facilities with a shelter, new pathways, new lighting linking the path between Lindwood Ave and Belmar Ave and new landscaping.

Construction works are expected to take approximately eight weeks to complete but the landscape planting will not occur until autumn/winter when the weather is more suitable for planting. Council is also looking to irrigate a section of the reserve with installation works to follow the reserve upgrade works.

Latest news

15 May 2020

Council is nearing completion of the full reserve upgrade to A.H. Ford Reserve.

The path lighting installation is progressing and is anticipated to be complete by the end of May.

Installation of an irrigation system is scheduled to begin in late May and is expected to take approximately four weeks to complete. Once completed, a new garden bed surrounding the playground and shelter will be planted out.

Following community feedback, Council will be adding additional playground equipment which is due to be installed by September.

The reserve will remain open to the public but there will be localised barricading around small work areas that will move as work progresses over the coming months.

The journey so far

In 2017, the former Altona West Kindergarten was demolished and the former building site has been returned to parkland.

Community members felt very strongly about the demolition of the Altona West Kindergarten. In early 2018, Council worked with the community to develop an agreed staged park improvement plan for A.H. Ford Reserve.

Council would like to acknowledge everyone who attended one of the three drop-in sessions or took the time to provide feedback either online or in writing.

The feedback we received was mostly positive, but there were a few concerns about the idea of a community garden. Council took the feedback into consideration and has not included a community garden as part of the A.H. Ford upgrade project.

The final concept plan can be viewed on the Participate website. A new lighting concept plan has been introduced in addition to the previous scope of works, see the lighting concept plan attached(PDF, 2MB).


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