Demolition of the Victorian Deaf Anglers Clubhouse

Demolition of Clubhouse

Victorian Deaf Anglers Clubhouse

The Victorian Deaf Anglers Club (VDAC) is located on an environmentally sensitive parcel of land, separate to the Vancouver Bait Shop, the original farmhouse and the rest of the Kororoit Creek Fishing Village.

The VDAC ceased operation several years ago and the clubhouse returned to Council. The Clubhouse has not been well maintained and is in a very poor condition and not suitable for ongoing use or repair. Council has decided to remove the former VDAC at Jawbone Reserve and to return this ecologically sensitive mangrove and bird habitat back to its native state as part of Jawbone Reserve.

Demolition works are scheduled to commence Monday 21 June 2021. These works will be carried out during the day and safety fencing will be installed around the property. Demolition works will be completed within five business days, weather dependent.


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