Planning the best possible aquatic centre for Bruce Comben Reserve


Council is seeking funding of approximately $30 million to support the development of a new aquatic facility for the people of Hobsons Bay and Melbourne's western region.

The recently endorsed Hobsons Bay Aquatic Strategy recommended the development of a new aquatic facility on Bruce Comben Reserve. To achieve this task, an update to the Bruce Comben Reserve Plan is required.

A stakeholder reference group (SRG) has been established to help guide an update to the master plan prior to it being displayed on public exhibition. The SRG is made up of representatives from the organisations currently located on Bruce Comben Reserve, as well as four community members.

The Stakeholder Reference Group is currently working with Council to help guide the revision of the Bruce Comben Reserve Master Plan.

View the Bruce Comben Reserve Masterplan that is currently being revised(PDF, 8MB)

For more information read the Hobsons Bay Aquatic Strategy(PDF, 9MB)