Melbourne Metro 2 bring forward (Altona North Station reinstatement)


Melbourne’s west is rapidly growing. Getting the most out of the rail system is the most efficient way of getting people to and from their jobs, out of their cars and reducing congestion on our roads.

The proposed Melbourne Metro 2 train line is a tunnel between Newport and Clifton Hill via Fisherman’s Bend, Southern Cross, Flagstaff, Parkville and Fitzroy.

This service will provide a direct link for the western region to employment centres in Melbourne’s CBD, Parkville, and Fishermans Bend, as well as free up Footscray Station.

The delivery of MM2 will strengthen the economy, providing greater access to jobs and services, while aligning the public transport network with future development and population growth demands.

Council encourages the state and federal governments to:

• bring forward the funding and planning for Melbourne Metro 2

• reinstate the Altona North train station on the Werribee line

• provide passenger connection from Newport to Sunshine via existing freight lines





• Reduce traffic congestion and greenhouse gas emissions (emissions caused by cars are 3 times more per passenger kilometre than trains (

• Encourage sustainable and integrated transport options

Public transport improvements:

• Provide a fast, direct service to Melbourne’s CBD from the western region

• Improve the capacity of the network, deliver more frequent services and improve connections in the west and across Melbourne

• Reduce congestion on Werribee, Mernda and Hurstbridge lines

• Connect the Werribee and Mernda lines

• Link the northern suburbs to Fishermans Bend and Newport, through to Altona North and Sunshine using existing freight lines

• Enable the Lalor to Wollert rail extension


• Strengthen the economy of the region by providing greater access to jobs and services across the west and metro Melbourne

• Reinvigorate all stations along the Werribee and Williamstown lines corridor, including Newport and Laverton


• Beneficial impact for the city, region, metro Melbourne and Victoria, catering for population growth and increased public transport use

• Increase health and wellbeing outcomes

• Rail service for community in Altona North (approx. 12,100) and Brooklyn (approx. 1,800), including connection to the Airport Rail Link

• Service the increasing population along Blackshaws Road (set to increase due to Precinct 15), employees at the Brooklyn Business Park and residents of the Bradmill site development in neighbouring Yarraville (City of Maribyrnong)



Bringing the MM2 forward is dependent on key

collaborative partnerships:

• State and federal government Ministers and

Members of Parliament (MP’s)

• Public transport and transport infrastructure

government departments and sectors

• LeadWest, Councils in positively impacted areas including Wyndham, Port Philip, Yarra, Darebin, Banyule and Whittlesea

• Sustainable travel advocacy groups, business and residents’ groups in positively impacted areas



Progression of the MM2 is underpinned by Council’s commitments including:

• Council Plan 2021-25 commitment

• Hobsons Bay Integrated Transport Plan 2017-30

• Community Greenhouse Strategy 2013-30



The Advocacy Action Plan for the MM2 includes:

• Meetings and engagement with state and federal government Ministers, MPs and department representatives

• Publicity across traditional and digital channels

• Call to action for community



The MM2 connects with the below policies and strategies:

• Victorian Government’s Infrastructure Victoria Strategy 2021-51 recommendations

• North and West Melbourne City Deal proposed to federal and state governments