Waste and recycling

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Hobsons Bay is leading the way for local government waste management programs with the introduction of Recycling 2.0, Council’s new and innovative kerbside waste and recycling service. The new service redirects waste from landfill into local recycling streams, using more of our existing resources and taking less from our natural resources. Recycling 2.0 gives our community the opportunity to take charge of our waste.

Until recently, Australia routinely sent more than half its plastics waste (56.5 per cent) overseas. When China banned the import of most plastics and other recyclables in 2017, it caused a major disruption to global recycling markets. This affected all Australians and became known as the ‘recycling crisis’.

Hobsons Bay City Council is calling on the state government to fund and deliver better outcomes for waste and recycling including:

  • more recyclables processing infrastructure;
  • the introduction of a container deposit scheme; and
  • the strengthening of state and federal government oversight and regulations.

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