Melbourne Metro 2


Bring forward the funding and planning for Melbourne Metro 2 and ensure its completion prior to the building of the outer suburban rail line. This includes the addition of an Altona North Station to service the increasing population along Blackshaws Road (set to increase due to Precinct 15), employees at the Brooklyn Business Park and residents of the Bradmill site development in neighbouring Yarraville (City of Maribyrnong).

Melbourne’s west is rapidly growing, with an increase of 27,600 people per year (ABS, 2017). In order to move community and resources effectively, MM2 is required.

Melbourne Metro 2 has the capacity to provide a direct and short service to Melbourne’s CBD from the western region. It will improve the capacity of the network and will deliver more frequent services.

These connections will strengthen the economy, providing greater access to jobs and services across the western region. The planning for this project needs to start now to ensure it aligns with future development and meets the population demand.

For more information read Council's Melbourne Metro 2 Advocacy Fact Sheet(PDF, 85KB)

See the proposed rail link route(PDF, 69KB)