Social Wellbeing and Community Services Portfolio Advisory Committee

The social wellbeing and community services portfolio advisory committee aims is to foster strong, connected, resilient and inclusive communities, underpinned by local leadership and universal access to services, programs and opportunities for participation. Foster a sense of belonging, connection to place and a culture of inclusion across community underpinned by diverse local leadership, community empowerment and participation, with particular focus on disability, GLBTIQ, multicultural, gender equity and Aboriginal inclusion.

Co –Chairs

  • Cr Colleen Gates
  • Cr Tony Briffa

Community Committee Members

  • Mario Peucker
  • Edwin Pascoe
  • Amira Maleken
  • Maria Ignatius James
  • Ruth Braakhuis
  • Ellen Wills
  • Karen Hutchinson
  • Anne Lynette Knight
  • Rhonda Collins
  • Louise El Ali
  • Brayden Sinnamon
  • Naserah Khan

Lead Council Department

Community Development and Strategy and Advocacy

Key Documents

 Social Wellbeing and Community Services Terms of Reference(DOCX, 633KB)