Smart Cities Portfolio Advisory Committee

The smart cities portfolio advisory committee aims to support and investigate opportunities for future integration of the built environment with innovative technology solutions. Building a smarter city to better adapt and support the future needs of our community.


Co –Chairs

  • Cr Angela Altair
  • Cr Peter Hemphill

Community Committee Members

  • Gary Adamic
  • Phillip Krstev
  • Julian Waters-Lynch  
  • Aaron McAleese
  • Brayden Sinnamon
  • Maloy Patnaik
  • John Murray Herron
  • Jodi Maree Martin
  • Myly Nguyen
  • Jessica Marnich
  • Haydn Silveira
  • Ash Ellawala

Lead Council Department

Information Services Department

Key Documents

 Smart Cities Terms of Reference(DOCX, 566KB)