Summer 2022 - 2023

Some of Victoria’s most popular parks have been significantly impacted by recent storms and floods. This could mean flooded or boggy campgrounds, muddy roads, unpredictable waterways or slippery hiking trails.

With high levels of water lying across much of the state, we have seen extremely high numbers of mosquitoes, so be sure to pack extra mosquito repellent. After storms, there is also an increased risk of falling trees and branches and we’ve had an increase in snake sightings.

You can still get out and enjoy nature this summer, but make sure you plan ahead, stay informed and be mindful. Your favourite holiday, camping and day-trip spots may be closed or operating differently, particularly along the Murray River, so make sure you’re up to date with the latest information.

We want you to stay safe and enjoy the best of nature.

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Before you leave home

  1. Check the flood and storm affected parks page for the latest information on park closures
  2. Search for the park you want to visit and check the latest conditions on the park page


Please visit This summer is different (