Portfolio Advisory Committees

With the development of Hobsons Bay 2030 community vision and the Council Plan 2017-21, Council introduced seven Portfolio Advisory Committees.

  1. Integrated transport
  2. Planning
  3. Social wellbeing and community services
  4. Environmental sustainability
  5. Active and inclusive communities
  6. Arts, culture and tourism
  7. Smart cities

Each portfolio is led by Co-Councillors who represent Council in that portfolio area, understanding the key issues and opportunities for Hobsons Bay, attending external stakeholder meetings and being actively involved in progressing this area for the municipality.

The purpose of these committees is to engage with the community and stakeholders, bring local knowledge, expertise and innovation to support the development and implementation of Council strategic directions. The advisory committees are designed to have an advisory function and they cannot determine matters before them. They are not responsible for expenditure and cannot direct Council officers.