Laverton Neighbourhood Profile

About the area 

The Laverton neighbourhood is located at the western boundary of the City of Hobsons Bay. Its borders are formed by the old Geelong Road to the north and the Princes Freeway along the south and east boundaries. To the west, the neighbourhood shares a municipal boundary with City of Wyndham. (NB: Laverton neighbourhood, as referred to in this profile, is the area that falls within the Hobsons Bay municipality. It does not include the section of the Laverton suburb that extends into the City of Wyndham.)

The Laverton neighbourhood is primarily a residential area and construction of the housing began in the 1950s. The main retail area is located around the Aviation Road precinct, on the south side of the Werribee railway line.


At the 2011 Census, Laverton had a population of 4,458 people (just over 5% of the municipality’s residents). Population forecasts for 2015 indicate the current population is approximately 4,880 and forecast to around 4,500 by 2025.

Age structure

Laverton has a much younger adult profile than most other areas in Hobsons Bay. There was significant growth among 25-34 years, and to a lesser extent among 18-24 year olds since 2006. Population forecasts show that the main growth is expected to be among 25-34 year olds and 35-49 year olds.

Overseas born residents

Almost 46 per cent of Laverton residents were born overseas, which is substantially higher than the municipal figure of 31 per cent. The main countries of birth were India, Burma and the United Kingdom. Forty three per cent of residents speak a language other than English compared to around 29 per cent of Hobsons Bay residents.

Residents needing assistance

An estimated 760 residents living in Laverton have a disability and 220 residents require assistance with core activities involving self care, communication and mobility.


Twenty four per cent of residents are enrolled in education, slightly above the Hobsons Bay rate of 22 per cent. Forty eight per cent of Laverton residents (aged 15 years and over) have completed Year 12, compared to 50 per cent for Hobsons Bay.

Labour force

Fifty seven per cent of Laverton residents (over 15 years) are in the labour force, with 13 per cent being unemployed, compared to six per cent of Hobsons Bay residents. Approximately 52 per cent of people work full time, around 10 per cent below the rate for Hobsons Bay. Manufacturing is the largest employment of the neighbourhood’s workers.


Approximately 76 per cent of Laverton residents have gross weekly incomes at or below the Australian average income of around $976. In addition, 44 per cent of Laverton residents have a gross weekly income below $400 per week, compared to the Hobsons Bay rate of 37 per cent.


Eighty-nine per cent of the neighbourhood’s dwelling stock is detached housing, higher than the municipal figure of 75 per cent. The proportion of home owners and those purchasing have both declined since the 2006 Census. The level of households who are renters has risen from 27 per cent to 39 percent since 2006.


Eighty per cent of Laverton households own one or more vehicles, compared to 85 per cent of households in Hobsons Bay. Twenty three per cent of residents catch a train to work, almost 10 per cent above the municipal rate and more than double the rate at the previous 2006 Census.