Altona Meadows Neighbourhood Profile

Altona Meadows is bounded to the north by the Princes Freeway, Laverton Creek and the Werribee railway line. The eastern border is formed by a line following the edge of residential development, down to Queen Street and following Laverton Creek. Port Phillip Bay is to the south east of the neighbourhood, with Skeleton Creek and Crellin Avenue South forming the western boundary.

The majority of Altona Meadows is made up of residential, conservation, parks and recreational land uses. Parts of Altona Meadows incorporate courts and cul-de-sacs which residents say encourage people to get to know their neighbours and a sense of community. They think Altona Meadows are relatively affordable for both renters and buyers, although prices have begun to increase.


At the 2011 Census Altona Meadows had a population of 18,729 people, making it the most populated neighbourhood in Hobsons Bay. Over the next decade, the number of residents is forecast to remain stable, with an ageing population and maturing families.

Age structure

The Altona Meadows population has begun to age, with the forecasts showing a decrease among most age groups up to 50 years. The number of older residents, particularly those aged in their 60s and over, will experience the greatest increase.

Overseas born residents

Altona Meadow has 6,524 residents (34.8 per cent) who were born overseas, 4 per cent above the municipal figure. The main countries of birth are the United Kingdom, India, Malta, Vietnam and the Philippines.

Residents needing assistance

An estimated 3,200 residents of Altona Meadows (17.1 per cent) have a disability and approximately 1,000 residents (5.3 per cent) need help with a core activity involving self-care, communication and mobility.


Approximately 21 per cent of residents are enrolled in education, similar to the participation rate for Hobsons Bay. Almost 46 per cent of residents have completed Year 12 or an equivalent, 4 per cent below the municipal rate.


Just over 93 per cent of Altona Meadows residents are employed, marginally lower than the rate for Hobsons Bay (94.4 per cent). The unemployment rate is 7 per cent, compared to the municipal rate of 5.6 per cent. The key industries of employment for Altona Meadows residents are manufacturing, retail and transport.


There are 7,386 private dwellings in Altona Meadows and the majority are separate houses (89.8 per cent).  Approximately one third of households own their home, one third have a mortgage and a further one quarter are renting. Compared to Hobsons Bay, Altona Meadows households are more likely to have a mortgage and fewer are renting.

Proposed future development

Redevelopment of the A.B. Shaw play space at Laverton Park is planned. An upgrade of the shared pedestrian/cycle path, east of Point Cook Road, along the southern side of Skeleton Creek, is also planned.