Planning to hold an event or festival?

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Events in Hobsons Bay

Hobsons Bay has many unique locations suitable for holding many different types of festivals and events. 

If you are planning to hold an event or festival on public land, you will need a permit. The assessment process to obtain the permit will vary depending on the type of event you are planning. Please note the Event Expression of Interest notification timelines outlined below:-


Event type 

Event parameters

Application notice

Level 1

(High impact)

Attendance >3,000 pax with multiple road closures and infrastructure, including food, beverage and other trading.


6 to 12 months

Level Two

(Medium impact)

Attendance of 500-3000 pax with road closures, public transport disruptions and some infrastructure, including food and beverage.


3 to 6+ months

Level 3

(Low impact)

Attendance <500 pax in a single location, no road closures or public transport impacts, no food and beverage or trading.


Minimum 2 months


Completing the Event Expression of Interest form is the first step in applying for a permit. We'd recommend discussing your event proposal with the Events Unit before completing this form. 

Event Planning Guides

A series of event planning guides are available to help event organisers develop an event and risk management plan. The guides also provide information to help plan and deliver safe events that meet the requirements of Council, emergency services and other regulatory authorities.

Part OneA Guide to Holding an Event(PDF, 325KB) provides information on the steps involved in applying for an event permit. It also includes information on permissions and notifications that might be needed from other authorities.

Part TwoDeveloping an Event Plan(PDF, 554KB) outlines how to provide the information needed in an event plan, which may be needed to get an event permit. 

Part ThreeRisk Safety and Emergency Management(PDF, 574KB) helps events organisers identify, manage and record the risks associated with an event and includes sample templates.

Safe and Healthy Crowded Places

It is recommended that event organisers review their risk management in line with the Federal Government’s Australia’s Strategy for Protecting Crowded Places from Terrorism document, available at the National Security website.

Event organisers should complete the Crowded Places Security Audit and Crowded Places Self-Assessment Tool, as it will help determine the need for Victoria Police guidance in planning your event. 

For further information on holding an event, please contact the Events Unit on 1300 179 944 or via email: