Audio Production Workshop

Learning new skills can be a lot of fun and super exciting. Start your new year with learning some new skills and meeting local young people who have a passion for music and events.

The Westside FReeZA is hosting a 10 Audio Workshops over Term 1 for 2022 where you can learn skills for live audio engineering (used in stage and live sound) as well as studio skills to create your own Electronic music using free programs that are easily accessible. These workshops are aimed at young people with little to no skills, or entry level skills. If you have a passion and love for music and want to learn more about the audio side of a show this is the workshop for you!

All the skills you will learn over the workshops will assist you and the group with the audio production for an event in April that the Westside FReeZA will be hosting for young people in Hobsons Bay.


Week 1: Essential tools, microphone set up, software and software instruments, mixing and production.

Week 2: Recording & Mixing, single Mic Set up, types of microphone, recording processes

Week 3: Production #1 Types of software, software instruments including sampling and MIDI basics

Week 4: Live Sound #1 Basic Set up of PA (Channel EQ, Graphic EQ) Mixing 101

Week 5: Recording & Mixing (Routing)

Week 6: Production #2 Synthesis Basics, Mixing Electronic Music

Week 7: Live Sound #2 Recording drum Kits and bands, capturing live performances

Week 8: Recording & Mixing with advance microphone techniques and guest engineer

Week 9: Production #3 Mixing electronic music (sampling, filtering and MIDI basics)

Week 10: Live Sound #3 Guest Artist / Band, Set Up of PA, Each participant take turns to engineer a mix

*Please note that this schedule is subject to change based on COVID-19 health and safety recommendations.


Cost: FREE

Eligibility: young people from 12 to 25 years old who live, work or study in Hobsons Bay.

Location: Newport Community Hub, Studio (ground floor)

Skill level: All, from beginner to advance

Dates: Term 1, every Tuesday from 5pm to 7pm. Beginning on the 8 of February.  

If you have further questions about this workshop, reach out to the Hobsons Bay Youth Services team at