Anti-Hate campaign

Hobsons Bay City Council supports the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission Anti-Hate campaign to give people a way of reporting what has happened to them if they experience discrimination such as racism, homophobia or sexism.

People can also make a report if they witness discrimination in their community or see it online, and when they come across graffiti that is hateful or offensive.

Reporting on is not a formal complaint process. However, it helps the Commission understand what people are experiencing and then advocate for change.

People may also be able to make a formal complaint of discrimination to the Commission and they can call the Enquiry Line on 1300 292 153 to discuss their options.

Anti-Hate is a place where people can tell stories of how they have stood up against hate, and share ideas others can use to take a stand against all forms of discrimination.

Importantly, Anti-Hate equips people to stand up against hate themselves – from online tools that can be used to respond to offensive posts, to tips on how bystanders can help if they see hate occurring on a bus or at school.

Research shows that when people don’t do anything to stop racist, sexist or homophobic abuse, it increases the impact of the incident. That is, by everyone staying quiet while someone is yelling hateful things, it makes it seem like they all agree with what’s going on. This can be far more hurtful than the abuse itself. Making an effort to let the target know you don’t support the hate can make a huge difference to how someone feels about themselves and the community.

In Victoria racial and religious discrimination is against the law under the Equal Opportunity Act 2010 and the Racial and Religious Tolerance Act 2001. For full details see or call our Enquiry Line on 1300 292 153.