Modelling Respect and Equality (MoRE) Program

Do you want to support boys and men to break away from negative and harmful stereotypes, to be their best selves and live happy, healthy, safe and respectful lives?

Modelling Respect and Equality (MoRE) is an innovative program for men and women aged 18 and above. The program is offered by Hobsons Bay City Council in partnership with The Men’s Project at Jesuit Social Services and aims to build people’s skills and knowledge to help them create change in their community around issues of respect and equality, particularly amongst the places that shape the cultures of boys and men, like sporting clubs, special interest groups, schools, workplaces and other organisations.

The program runs for twelve months. It involves participation in an intensive two-day training workshop followed by ongoing support as participants contribute to positive social change in their community - at work, where they play, and among friends and family. We want to support men and boys to be their best selves and live happy, healthy, safe and respectful lives.

If you want to build your knowledge and skills and make a positive difference in your community, then this program is for you.

What is this about?

Research shows that gender inequality, and narrow, rigid gender stereotypes are bad for all of us, keeping women and men from living healthy, safe and fulfilling lives. Too often, they contribute to violence and other harmful behaviours.

More than ever, the behaviours and attitudes of Australian boys and men are called into question - driven by the #MeToo movement, unprecedented attention to family violence, high levels of mental health and suicide, substance abuse problems, inquiries into child sexual abuse in institutions and sexual assault and harassment in universities and schools.

The question is how we get boys and men to play their part in building safe, respectful and equal communities?

A positive approach is needed.

We believe that role models – of all genders and ages – in the places where boys and men live, work, and meet are crucial. We want to support role models who interact with boys and men on a regular basis so they can challenge limiting and harmful stereotypes and promote respect and equality.

It’s time we talked about the culture of masculinity we want to cultivate as a society. Join us in creating social change around what it means to be a man in the 21st century!

A unique model for change

Modelling Respect and Equality (MoRE) is an empowering, experiential journey to become an active influencer for change in your community.

The starting point is each person’s personal journey and development, their awareness of the bigger picture, and understanding of how social change unfolds.

Participants will be supported to build deeper understanding of key issues, develop greater self-awareness, learn how to model and promote positive change, recognise and challenge problematic attitudes and behaviours, and actively influence and make an impact in their community.

MoRE will help you:

  • with a process that engages head, heart and hands
  • understand the powerful impact of vulnerability and emotional intelligence

  • unpack gender roles, norms and practices

  • understand and challenge harmful expressions of masculinity

  • learn how to recognise and respond to various forms of violence

  • learn and practice how to deal with resistance and tricky conversations

  • learn how to use your own and other’s strengths to build your community

  • explore opportunities for dialogue and activities to engage boys and men

How it works

Stage 1 - Participants attend five online evening sessions (10 November to 8 December, Tuesday evenings from 7pm-9pm) focusing on personal reflection and growth, building their awareness and understanding of the issues and  developing the skills to model and drive change within their own families, work, team and community.

Stage 2 - Participants will be provided with ongoing, active support for a year to identify and action opportunities and activities in their daily lives.

This will happen through an online peer support platform and Community of Practice, also additional workshops and events will be held to address issues that are identified. These will be shaped by what the group and their communities need.

Hobsons Bay City Council is strongly committed to providing ongoing support to program participants where there is interest, such as linking participants to other groups or organisations, supporting community actions and initiatives through grants or providing advice as requested. Council also looks forward to learning from the participants and their opinions about what change needs to happen in Hobsons Bay to make it a more equitable and healthy place.


The program will run from November 2020 to November 2021

The intensive training will be held on online via Zoom for five weeks (10 November to 8 December, Tuesday evenings from 7pm-9pm), followed with ongoing participant support for a year.

Who runs this?

For over 40 years Jesuit Social Services has worked with people on the margins of society, working to build a just society where all people can live to their full potential.

Drawing from this experience, The Men’s Project has been established to provide leadership on the reduction of violence and other harmful behaviours prevalent among boys and men, and build new approaches to improve their wellbeing and keep families and communities safe.

The Men’s Project supports boys and men to live respectful, accountable and fulfilling lives, where they are able to develop good relationships free from violence and where they play their role in making the community safe.   

How do I get involved?

This program is for men and women, aged 18 years and above who live, work, study, or play in Hobsons Bay.

If you are interested in participating in this important opportunity, please fill in the Expression of Interest form by Friday 6 November 2020. There are only limited places available and applicants will be assessed to ensure diversity.    

Download Expression of Interest form here(PDF, 349KB).


MoRE in Hobsons Bay is funded by Hobsons Bay City Council and free for participants. You give your time, passion and creativity - we will cover the rest.