Preschool Field Officer (PSFO)


The Preschool Field Officer (PSFO) supports the inclusion of children with additional needs in Victorian State funded four-year old kindergarten programs, as well as three-year olds attending early childhood services.

PSFOs also assist kindergartens to link families with services available for children with developmental concerns and broader child and family supports.

The PSFO is funded by the Department of Education and Training (DET) and Hobsons Bay City Council and is offered as a free (no fee) service to kindergarten programs. PSFOs have extensive experience in early childhood development with a background in early childhood teaching.  PSFOs use a locally responsive approach that includes consultative support, resourcing and practical advice to assist early childhood educators.


The role of the PSFO

  • engage with the early childhood educators, rather than work one on one with children
  • actively build the capacity of the educators to support the access and participation of eligible children
  • support partnerships between educators and families in their programs
  • attend kindergarten programs to conduct play-based observations of referred children
  • assist with the development of strategies for educators to include in their individual learning and development programs for eligible children
  • support and resource families
  • assist educators and families in applying for additional funding
  • provide information, support and resources to educators
  • facilitate and encourage educators to engage in professional development and networking opportunities 


Criteria for accessing this service?

Children who are eligible for PSFO support include those with

  • social or emotional issues
  • speech, language or communication concerns
  • developmental delays
  • advanced abilities and skills
  • challenging behaviours
  • a diagnosed disability
  • vulnerable children who attend a state funded kindergarten program and are not currently accessing early childhood intervention services


How can this service be accessed?

If you are an early childhood educator, please see the PSFO contact details below.

If you are the parent or guardian of a child who meets the criteria, you are encouraged to discuss these concerns with your child’s teacher. Where the parent directly contacts the PSFO service, the PSFO will liaise with the relevant teacher to progress the referral.

All referrals 2023-PSFO-Referral-Form-PRINT-1.pdf(PDF, 186KB)  must be completed and signed by parent/guardian and educator.


If your child is already receiving support from an early intervention agency please refer to that agency for additional kindergarten support.

Contact us

Preschool Field Officer Service
Hobsons Bay City Council
PO Box 21
Altona 3018

Phone:9932 1540