Playable Streets Community Art Project

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Saturday, 7 May - Sunday, 5 June 2022

Woods Street Arts Space, 44 Woods Street, Laverton

Open Thursdays from 2pm to 4pm & Saturdays 11am to 2pm


You're invited to experience Clocks, a living artwork filled with timekeepers both digital and natural.

Created in collaboration with over 300 Hobsons Bay residents reflecting on how they notice the passing of time.

The exhibition presents hundred of artworks, while the gallery itself will become a clock as it records change sin the gallery via a time lapse camera.

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How do you notice the passing of time?

This exhibition started with one simple question to over 300 Hobson Bay residents: “How do you notice the passing of time?” They told us they noticed the changing of seasons, growing older, growing beards, losing hair, learning new things, and having fun. Time sometimes moves slow, sometimes fast and always in the same direction.

CLOCKS is a living artwork filled with timekeepers both digital and natural. Large rings of light move at varying paces - the time it takes to walk to school (one participants experience) or the duration of the exhibition. These digital light timekeepers inhabit the space with timekeepers of the natural world, plants! Plants of all types will photosynthesize away as they show how our natural world keeps time.

The gallery itself will become a clock as it records changes in the gallery via a time lapse camera that adds a new image every 3 minutes. Presented on the walls will be the artwork of individual participants and the hundreds of artbooks that have been completed. Visitors are welcome to look through each book and will be able to add to the exhibition by engaging with drawing challenges and filling out their own clocks workbook to add to the gallery wall.

Our aim is to promote inter-generational community building through re-connection and re-engagement across the wider community through collaboration, creativity and communication. Showcasing the community’s creativity and stories to celebrate its vibrant and unique identity, and diverse community.

Featured artworks and stories were created by a wide range of participants from pre-school, primary school, youth, and 50+ community groups. Workshop participant groups include Balit Gulinya Group, Altona Meadows Primary School, Laverton Golden Age Group, Williamstown North Primary, Altona Meadows Primary.


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