Art Apart - rapid-response initiative

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People working in the arts, music and events sectors were impacted immediately by the COVID - 19, with more than 50 per cent losing income or forced to close their doors. In response to this, Council introduced Art Apart, a rapid-response initiative aimed at supporting individual artists or arts collectives who work or live in Hobsons Bay.

Since June 2020, Hobsons Bay has truly become a ‘Creative City’ with many corners of our community being activated with creativity and inspiration during these unprecedented times.



Backwards to Normal


Felix Palmerson

Did you create new habits you will carry with you into the post-pandemic world?

From December 2020 to  February 2021 in Vernon Street South Kingsville and Hudsons Road Spotswood, people were invited to take a step back and think – what will you take from your lockdown experiences into your new post COVID normal, with Backwards to Normal, an interactive art installation by local artist Felix Palmerson.

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Together Apart: Life in Lockdown


 Jude van Daalen and Belinda Jackson

When COVID-19 hit Melbourne harder than a runaway tram, our lives changed – literally overnight. Together Apart: Life in Lockdown gives a rare glimpse into life in lockdown, beautifully capturing the isolation, frustration, hope, humour, and innate human need for togetherness that quickly became part of the Hobsons Bay community's daily lives.

Photographed and written by locals Jude van Daalen and Belinda Jackson, Together Apart: Life in Lockdown is a beautiful, limited edition black-and-white coffee table book featuring 60 interviews and portraits of people in the Hobsons Bay community.

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Backyard Anthropology


Monique Grbec

When artist Monique Grbec moved into her Altona Meadows home, she discovered a pair of statues hidden behind overgrown foliage in her backyard.

As a child of the Stolen Generations, Grbec attempted to remove the statues only to discover how deep they are embedded. She now considers that the statues were treasured artefacts.

Grbec's documentation of the excavation of these statues was exhibited in the 8th Koorie Art Show at the Koorie Heritage Trust from Saturday 5 December – 21 February 2021.The Koorie Art Show is an annual event showcasing the diverse talent of Victoria’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists in one inclusive space.

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Fibonacci’s Genie – A Portrait of DNA

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David Murphy

Fibonacci’s Genie  brightened the night skies of Commonwealth Reserve, Williamstown and Logan Reserve, Altona with unique light patterns and soundscapes derived from genetic code.

At 10 metres long and 618mm wide, Fibonacci’s Genie is made up of 200 programmable lights. The lights were programmed using code based on genomes, the genetic material of living things, creating a new and compelling work at the crossroad of art and science, and exploring the profound connection between DNA and the Golden Ratio.

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Winter Windows Shadow Projections

Long Space Gallery

During June, July and August 2020,  Long Space Gallery in Newport lit up with over 50 projected images created by the community with Winter Windows Shadow Projections.

The public were really responsive. I loved hearing children say with delight ‘look mummy’ when they saw the projections. We got lots of positive feedback about how wonderful the project was with many people wanting to contribute. The collaboration with Rachel from Little Art Big Art was a great way to not only engage budding artists but educate about light as a creative medium. We got so much out of this project!”  says Lana from Long Space Gallery.



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Martin Case Media Productions

Hobsons Bay ArtSpeak  was a series of six interviews with artistic directors, composers, and musicians who reside in Hobsons Bay.

Featured artists in the series included, Michael Stewart, Richard Vella, Doug Heywood, Sherry Rich, Shauntai Batzke and Martin Case.

Find out more: ArtSpeak

Eye Spy Hobsons Bay

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Alison Peake

Eye Spy Hobsons Bay was an interactive online social media art project by local artist Alison Peake. Eye Spy Hobsons Bay invited local residents to celebrate the place they call home, showcase creative outlets undertaken during isolation and connect with our community through a series of weekly themes.


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