CAPACITY is a scheme offered to artists and small art groups in the western region of Melbourne. CAPACITY provides benefits to artists through mentoring and professional development opportunities and the sharing of ideas and resources. CAPACITY supports western region and beyond artists to produce artistic outcomes within the municipal boundary of Hobsons Bay. It is an initiative of Council, in partnership with of Woods Street Arts Space.

More about what can you expect being part of CAPACITY:

We will create opportunities for artists and art groups to get together twice a year to share, brain storm ideas and collaborate. We are hoping you will be inspired to create new programs while also supporting new ideas for existing programs.

CAPACITY sessions will be open to anyone interested in the arts. Art groups and organisations will present programs for open discussion. CAPACITY topics will vary and include guest speakers, art critique sessions, speed mentoring and/ or think tank workshops.

As part of a CAPACITY mentorship scheme eligible artists* that reside in the western region of Melbourne can also opt to take out a subsidised Public Liability Insurance for low impact arts and culture activity held within the municipal boundary of Hobsons Bay.

Participation in CAPACITY events and forums are free; however the optional Public Liability Insurance will incur a cost; please see CAPACITY PLI Application Forms for more details on this.

About the optional Public Liability Insurance (PLI) Scheme:

Artists and/or art groups are required to pay a fee for the service and in the event a claim is made the artist or art group is required to pay the excess.

Council reserves the right to refuse or cancel an artist or art groups PLI cover under this arrangement if it is considered to be high risk activity or not meet the guidelines as stated. Council will manage the insurance applications for QBE insurance and cover all other associated fees.

Insurance cover is being offered on an annual basis and cannot be issued on a project by project basis.

Insurer: QBE Insurance (Australia) Ltd

Class: General Public & Products Liability – Artists and/or Art Groups

Cover: Public & Products Liability

$10,000,000.00- Public Liability any one Occurrence

$10,000,000.00 - Products Liability any one Occurrence and in

the aggregate any one Period of Insurance.

Excess: $250.00 all claims.

Period: Annual Policy

Premium: $76.50 (including GST and stamp duty ) Base Premium per Individual for $10 million cover

Wording: As per QBE Insurance (Australia) Ltd

Exclusions: As per QBE Insurance (Australia) Ltd

For further information please email or phone 1300 179 944.