Multicultural Series

Indian Art

Hobsons Bay City Council, Creative City and Louis Joel Arts and Community Centre have partnered together and developed a Multicutlural Exhibition series. Since 2011, Council and Louis Joel have showcased different art or cultural pieces to the local community.

  • Anamnisis - Greek Exhibition 2011

Recollections of a Greek community. These things we could carry. The rest we remember.

The Greeks were one of the earliest waves of immigration to West Melbourne, weaving the Greek story and the Greek identity into the very fabric of the area.

Now, with Melbourne the largest Greek community outside Athens, Anamnisis celebrates this community’s place in this country, whose culture and identity it has shaped.

Anamnisis was a contemporary collection of stories, photos, precious objects and the memories that they triggered.

Curated by Tiffany Gilmour (nee Ball) in consultation with George and Maroula Said. Anamnisis was presented by Hobsons Bay City Council in partnership with the Louis Joel Arts and Community Centre, and sponsored by the Commonwealth Bank, Toyota Community Spirit and the Greek Orthodox Community of Hobsons Bay Inc.

  • Merhba - Maltese Exhibition 2013

Merħba is a celebration of our local Maltese community. Held at Louis Joel Arts and Community Centre during June 2013, visitors enjoyed the personal stories and photos of Maltese people and their families, and learnt about the island of Malta, journeys to Australia and the vibrant Maltese community in Hobsons Bay.

Did you know?

  • just over 1,300 of our residents were born in Malta
  • they make just over 1.6% of the Hobsons Bay community, compared to the 0.5% of the metro Melbourne population
  • 4.4% of our residents have a Maltese ancestry, again well above the Melbourne metropolitan figure of 1.6%
  • according to the 2011 Census, 1344 residents speak Maltese at home

Curator: Heather van Heerwaarden. Presented by Hobsons Bay City Council in partnership with Louis Joel Arts and Community Centre. Special thanks to everyone in the community who contributed to the exhibition.

  • From Within We Grow exhibition - Karen Exhibition 2016

From within we grow is a textile installation showcasing the cultural heritage of the local Karen community. It was shown at the Joel Gallery July to August 2016.

Hobsons Bay is home to a large multicultural community with more than a third of residents born overseas. Every two years Council works in partnership with an artist and cultural community to present a multicultural arts exhibition at Louis Joel Arts and Community Centre in Altona. The exhibition grew from workshops conducted by artist Anuradha Patel, held at Woods Street Arts Space in Laverton in which the local Karen community came together to share ideas and work on a final textile installation and accompanying drawings and photographs. The installation is a beautiful representation of the community’s story so far. As the textiles intertwine and overlap, so too do the strands of the Karen people’s history, heritage and culture.

  • Source - Indian Arts Exhibition 2018

Source was a community art project celebrating Indian culture led by artist Anuradha Patel. Over a two-week period, Anuradha worked with the community to construct a temporary art installation at the Joel Gallery in Altona. The theme of the work was trees; which explored the diversity present in art, ideas, culture and life experiences of all communities in Hobsons Bay. The community was invited to contribute to the installation by creating paper cut-outs and other elements which added to the growth and development of the tree. 

Click here to view photos from the recent 2018 Source Exhibition celebrating Indian culture