Living by Skeleton Creek


Exhibition runs from June to November 2021

'Living by Skeleton Creek’ features the artwork of grade two students at nearby Seabrook Primary School led by their art teacher Renee Easson.  The exhibition showcases photographs of mandalas created by students from items found in their local environment.  Students were inspired by virtual workshops with artist Rich Keville who has painted a mural at the Skeleton Creek underpass on Point Cook Road, Seabrook. The mural depicts themes of biodiversity and conservation informed by the Indigenous heritage of the local area.  


Denzel Acampora

Laila Emonds

Finn Gee

Aavyan Patel

Thanvi Rahul

Special thanks to:

ALDI Supermarket, Renee Easson, Art Teacher at Seabrook Primary School, and Rich Keville for inspiring the students to make artwork about Skeleton Creek.


'ONCE AS IT WAS'  documents the development  of the Skeleton Creek mural. With input from students from Seabrook Primary School, Hobsons Bay City Councils  conservation team and Dean Stewart (Wemba Wemba Wergaia, Lost Lands Found), artist Rich Keville has created an artwork that adds creativity to the city, while generating conversation on the importance of conserving environment, habitat and culture.

The artwork was commissioned by Hobsons Bay City Council as part of its public art program.



About Orbital

Orbital is a exhibition space located within the exterior wall of the Aldi supermarket at Central Square in Altona Meadows.

The space provides a great opportunity to showcase culture. Local developer Brian Noordenne, Aldi, and Central Square helped to facilitate the arts through sponsoring its program.

Each exhibition is locally curated or themed. Curators work with local schools, and community groups. Exhibitions coincide with citywide programs like Art In Public Places. Exhibitions will be rotated three times annually, hence the name Orbital.

Exhibitions are curated by Heather Van Heerwaarden.  

The exhibition display case, fitted with a lighting device that highlights the work on display, has been designed to house both small three dimensional forms and images.

For more information, email arts@hobsonsbay.vic.gov.au or phone 1300 179 944.


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