Rhys Cousins - Mire (particles)

Rhys Cousins - Mire - Laneway Gallery Promo Image (A3729302).jpg


5 July - 6 October 2022

Laneway Gallery, an outdoor exhibition space at Woods Street Arts Space
44 Woods Street, Laverton 

Laneway Gallery presents ‘Mire (particles)’ an exhibition by Rhys Cousins featuring a series of abstract generative textures to foreground landscape complexity and process, providing an intimate approach for local viewers who may often overlook them. The exhibition aims to bring a sensitivity and closeness to the theme of diversity (environment and biodiversity), encouraging viewers to build a more intimate relationship and interpretation of our local landscape and environment.

The work is made using photographic input of natural reserves and waterways around the Laverton Creek and its mouth opening into the bay, before combining artistic intent with algorithmic generation in the program TouchDesigner, which emphasizes the generative nature of the artwork.

A selection of works will also be on display at the Altona Civic Centre, Altona from 5 July  to 6 October 2022.


Melbourne based, born and raised creative, Rhys Cousins works transdisciplinary across design, art and landscape architecture. He works in installation, sculpture and digital, with a particular interest in exploring texture, surface and materiality in urban cities. He intends for his work to be felt and touched more than seen.

Rhys Cousins (@tangere_texture) 


Laneway Gallery is an outdoor exhibition space at Woods Street Art Space in Laverton. Part of the space’s overall annual programming, this is one of a series of commissioned displays by artists responding to social, historic, or environmental themes. Learn more about Laneway Gallery.

If you have questions about the work, please contact the Arts team at arts@hobsonsbay.vic.gov.au.

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