Airtime Rotation 25- Woods Street Youth Art Prize 2020 installation shot


Airtime is an ephemeral public art project that highlights the creative talents of young people in Hobsons Bay. Artworks are reproduced and printed on large flags and exhibited above the Queen Street Skate Park in Altona Meadows. Each series of Airtime artworks is curated under different themes.

Airtime Rotation 25 celebrates a selection of artworks from the 2020 Woods Street Youth Art Prize. The annual Woods Street Youth Art Prize showcases the artistic talent and innovation of young people aged 14 to 25 from Melbourne’s western region. The exhibition is part of the program at Woods Street Arts Space, a shopfront-style community arts centre at 44 Woods St, Laverton and produced in partnership with the Hobsons Bay Emerging Curators Program (ECP). The ECP is a skills development program that sees professional arts practitioners mentor and support young aspiring curators.

Featured Artists

Nathnael HAILE,  walk the talk                                                                 

Rachael CASTELINO,  Park Jimin portrait                    

Krystyna KATSOURI, Cool Dogs and 2 Minute Noodles

Tram MAI, Unity in Green               

John MATHET, The voice of tomorrow          

Thien NGUYEN, You're old enough to ask yourself                    

Leon ZHAN, 2020

Airtime is produced and managed by Hobsons Bay City Council through Arts and Culture.


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Past exhibitions

  • Rotation 24:     Song Series - Art & Industry Festival 2020

  • Rotation 23:     Mesh Mash ‘Design Generator’

  • Rotation 22:      Williamstown High School Floriana

  • Rotation 21:      Woods St Youth Art Prize 2019

  • Rotation 20:      Hoodie Mag

  • Rotation 19:      Art and Industry – Industrial detail photography by Amy Venema

  • Rotation 18:      Skate park photographs by Amy Venema

  • Rotation 17:      Grasslands

  • Rotation 16:      Hobsons Bay UP – cancelled by UP and replaced with a repeat of Rotation 14

  • Rotation 15:      Art and Industry 2016

  • Rotation 14:      Laverton College P-12

  • Rotation 13:      Mesh Mash

  • Rotation 12:      Williamstown High School

  • Rotation 11:      Street SmART street art

  • Rotation 10:      Future Creations Workshop light paintings

  • Rotation 9:        Pixel 8 winners 2014 photography

  • Rotation 8:       Street SmART street art

  • Rotation 7:       Pixel 8 winners 2013 photography

  • Rotation 6:      Williamstown High School abstract paintings

  • Rotation 5:      Bayside College text pieces

  • Rotation 4:      Pixel 8 winners 2012 photography

  • Rotation 3:      Hobsons Bay Youth Services Mandala paintings

  • Rotation 2:      Street SmART street art

  • Rotation 1:      Hello Laverton Art Prize winners 2010