Hobsons Bay City Council - Restoration of Heritage Places - Technical Notes

Restoration of Heritage Places - Technical Notes

Restoration of Heritage Places - Technical Notes

Technical information about a range of activities associated with the restoration of heritage places is available below.

Copies of the following guidelines and technical notes are also available from Heritage Victoria on 9637 9475 or visit www.heritage.vic.gov.au









Watering heritage gardens and trees  

Gardens and trees are included on the Heritage Register because they are of cultural, aesthetic, archaeological, architectural, historical, scientific or social significance to Victoria.

Walls - Cleaning masonry  

These guidelines cover the cleaning of building exteriors of face brick, stone or unpainted render to preserve the aesthetic and physical integrity of the masonry. They include selecting the correct cleaning method, types of surface deposits, removal techniques, advantages and disadvantages of each method.

Walls - Basic limewash

These guidelines give instructions for preparing basic limewash for use on exterior of buildings.

Walls - Joint repairs

These guidelines cover the undertaking of repairs to defective mortar joints in stone or brick buildings.

Walls - Removing paint from old buildings

These guidelines provide information about when it is appropriate to remove paint from old buildings, and what is the most appropriate method to use.

Maintenance documentation

These guidelines set out what is a maintenance plan, why it is important to have one, and how one may be prepared. Separate guidelines provide a suggested inspection schedule for different building elements.


These guidelines provide advice on the ways to prevent deterioration to timber building materials.


These guidelines deal with the care and conservation of metals used in building, including cast and wrought iron as fencing and decorative panels, steel framed windows and roof plumbing.


These guidelines assist with understanding what causes problems of damp in old buildings and how it can be rectified.

Heritage gardens

These guidelines assist with understanding the importance of historic gardens and landscapes, and how best to care for them.

Roofing - Slating, tiling and roof plumbing

These guidelines deal with the conservation of roofing made up of small units such as tiles. Roof sheeting is also covered in the guidelines on corrugated roofing, and the guidelines on metalwork.

Roofing  - Corrugated roofing

These guidelines deal with the conservation of corrugated iron and steel roofing.

Further reading

These guidelines provide sources for more detailed information about conserving old buildings.


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