VicSmart Applications

VicSmart Applications

VicSmart - a new fast planning permit process for straightforward applications.

Please contact us to discuss your proposal’s eligibility for VicSmart processing prior to submitting your application.

Key features of VicSmart include:

  • A 10 business day permit process
  • Applications are not advertised
  • Prescribed information must be submitted with an application

Find out more about the new VicSmart Planning Assessment clauses - The New VicSmart Planning Provisions.

What categories of application are suitable for VicSmart processing?

VicSmart proposals include the following (subject to submission of the prescribed required information):


Subdivide land to realign the common boundary between two lots.

Subdivide land into lots each containing an existing building or car parking space.

Subdivide land with an approved development into two lots.

Buildings and works

Construct or extend a front fence within 3 metres of a street in a residential zone.

Construct a building under $50,000 in value in a Mixed Use, industrial or commercial zone, and not within 30m of a residential zone and not associated with a dwelling in a Mixed Use zone.

Buildings or works – permit triggered by a Special Building Overlay.

Minor buildings and works in a Heritage Overlay

Demolish, remove and/or construct an outbuilding (including a car port, garage, pergola, verandah, deck, shed or similar structure).

Demolition, remove and/or construct a fence.

Externally alter a non-contributory building.

External painting.

Construct and install domestic services normal to a dwelling; a non-domestic disabled access ramp; a vehicle crossover; a domestic swimming pool/spa and associated equipment and fencing.

Construct a rainwater tank and/or a solar energy facility attached to a dwelling.

Construct or display a sign.

Construct seating, picnic tables, drinking taps, barbeques, rubbish bins, security lighting, irrigation, drainage or underground infrastructure, bollards or telephone boxes.

Advertising signs

Display a sign in a commercial or industrial zone not within 30m of a residential zone; not a pole sign, sky sign, reflective sign, internally illuminated, floodlit, electronic or animated and total display size does not exceed 10 square metres.

Carparking reduction by no more than five spaces in all zones.

Loading and unloading reduction or waiver in all zones.

Please note, if a proposal meets the criteria for a VicSmart application, Council must assess the application within 10 business days using the VicSmart process. We cannot choose to assess the proposal using the regular permit process, even if it is submitted on a standard planning permit application form.

What information is required for a VicSmart application?

The minimum information required to be submitted is specified in the checklists below.

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