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The planning scheme

The planning scheme

A planning scheme is made up of zoning maps and a set of ‘rules’ called planning controls which define how land may be used or developed.

The maps show the zoning of the land, such as residential or industrial, and other controls, such as urban conservation areas, height limits and land reserved for future public use, for example road widening.

The planning controls are the rules that explain the purpose of each zone and indicate which land uses are permitted in it without a permit, which land uses require a planning permit, and which land uses are prohibited. The controls also detail standards for car parking, building heights, landscape setbacks and the like.

The link below provides you with on-line access to the Hobsons Bay Planning Scheme.

If you would like to view or search for an Amendment to the Planning Scheme, you can do so on Council's Online Planning Management System 'Greenlight' or via Planning Scheme Amendments Online (DPCD).

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