Hobsons Bay City Council - Strategic planning services

Strategic planning services

The Strategic Planning Unit, part of the Council’s Planning and Environment Department, is responsible for the preparation in-house, of strategies, master plans and guidelines.

The unit also coordinates and facilitates the development of strategies and guidelines for other departments of the Council, as well as coordinating and managing amendments to the Hobsons Bay Planning Scheme.

This helps the Council to establish the strategic planning framework and to outline its planning direction in the Municipal Strategic Statement (MSS). These strategies also help the Council to develop Local Planning Policies (LPPs) to convey to the community its view of a planning issue and its intentions for an area.

Advisory committees & panels

Council can appoint an independent advisory committee or panels to hear planning issues.

Planning Scheme Amendments

See a list of amendments to the Hobsons Bay Planning Scheme.

Strategic planning policies

The Council has carried out a variety of studies to help facilitate appropriate planning throughout Hobsons Bay.

Current projects

Projects currently being undertaken by Strategic Planning Services

Plan Melbourne

Minister for Planning releases the new Metropolitan Planning Strategy – Plan Melbourne

Strategic Advisory Group

Strategic Advisory Group

New Residential Zones

The Victorian Government introduced New Residential Zones into the Victorian Planning System on 1 July 2013