Planning fact sheets

Planning fact sheets

Council has introduced a series of fact sheets for frequently asked questions regarding planning matters. The fact sheets below provide information and answers to those questions.

Former Port Phillip Woollen Mills Fact Sheet - August 2014(PDF, 158KB)

Fact Sheet 1 - When and how can I amend my permit or plans?(PDF, 205KB)

Fact Sheet 2 - The difference between zone overlays(PDF, 195KB)

Fact Sheet 3 - How many dwellings can I put on my property?(PDF, 195KB)

Fact Sheet 4 - What is a Neighbourhood Site Description and a Design Response?(PDF, 196KB)

Fact Sheet 5 - The Heritage Overlay and the Design and Development Overlay(PDF, 196KB)

Fact Sheet 6 - Running a business from home(PDF, 207KB)

Fact Sheet 7 - Thinking of renovating your house?(PDF, 202KB)

Fact Sheet 8 - Hobsons Bay Heritage Study(PDF, 197KB)

Fact Sheet 10 - Heritage Victoria technical notes(PDF, 203KB)

Fact Sheet 11 - Satellite dishes(PDF, 206KB)

Fact Sheet 12 - Crossovers, vehicle crossings and driveways(PDF, 199KB)

Fact Sheet 15 - Meter boxes(PDF, 256KB)

Fact Sheet 16 - Development and building applications and the Discrimination Act(PDF, 45KB)

Fact Sheet 17 - Solar Panels(PDF, 178KB)

Fact Sheet 18 - Burns Road Industrial Estate(PDF, 659KB)

Fact Sheet 20 - Interim Management of Land Use Planning Around Major Hazard Facilities(PDF, 725KB)

Fact Sheet 21 - Caltex Newport Fuel Terminal(PDF, 397KB)

Frequently Asked Questions - Innova Soil Remediation Centre, 541-583 Kororoit Creek Road, Altona(PDF, 416KB)

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