Hobsons Bay City Council - Planning fact sheets

Planning fact sheets

Planning fact sheets

Council has introduced a series of fact sheets for frequently asked questions regarding planning matters. The fact sheets below provide information and answers to those questions. There is also useful information on The Planning Process page.


Subdivision and Multi-Dwelling Development(PDF, 403KB)

Checklist for Multi-Dwelling Development(PDF, 403KB)

Buildings and Works in a Heritage Overlay(PDF, 413KB)

Outdoor Advertising Signage(PDF, 585KB)

Requesting a Reduction in Car Parking(PDF, 431KB)

Applying for a permit to use land(PDF, 183KB)

Running a Business from Home(PDF, 461KB)

Sale and Consumption of Liquor(PDF, 283KB)

Satellite Dishes(PDF, 199KB)

Meter boxes(PDF, 256KB)

Solar Panels(PDF, 329KB)  

Former Port Phillip Woollen Mills - August 2014(PDF, 158KB)

Burns Road Industrial Estate(PDF, 659KB)

Interim Management of Land Use Planning Around Major Hazard Facilities(PDF, 725KB)

Precinct 17, Spotswood(PDF, 410KB)


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