Hobsons Bay City Council - Precinct 15, Altona North Strategic Site

Precinct 15, Altona North Strategic Site

Precinct 15, Altona North Strategic Site

Project Background

In 2008 The Minister for Planning approved Amendment C33 to the Hobsons Bay Planning Scheme to include the Industrial Land Management Strategy 2008 (ILMS) as part of the Hobsons Bay Planning Scheme. The ILMS identified the land generally bounded by Blackshaws Road, Kyle Road, New Street and West Gate Freeway in Altona North and South Kingsville as Precinct 15 with the potential for most of the site to change from industrial uses to non-industrial uses including residential.

Since 2010 Council has been working with a number of the land owners to prepare a planning scheme amendment to rezone the site. A formal application was lodged in March 2015 – this application is known as Amendment C88. Since June 2016 the Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) has been taking a facilitation role on this large scale project and assisting both the applicants and the Council with the rezoning process.

Role of the Victorian Planning Authority (VPA)

The VPA has taken a lead role in assisting Council to create a new plan for the Altona North area by preparing background studies with the help of expert consultants. The VPA has also prepared the draft plan and associated planning documents for Amendment C88 and is currently advocating for the plan as part of the Victorian Governments wider vision for Victoria. Although Council is the Planning Authority for the site the VPA will assist Council in responding to submissions and resolving outstanding issues.

The VPA will provide information to Council, a Planning Panel (if required) and the Minister for Planning about Amendment C88.

What is being proposed?

Council has received an application to:

  • rezone the land in Precinct 15 from the current industrial zones to the Comprehensive Development Zone with an associated Comprehensive Development Plan
  • apply the Development Contributions Plan Overlay with an associated Development Contributions Plan
  • apply the Environmental Audit Overlay
  • remove an existing Heritage Overlay from part of the site

What are Zones?

All land in Victoria has a zone applied. A zone specifies what land can be used for, including businesses, industrial uses and houses. Zones can also include controls relating to building and subdivision. For example a house can be built on land zoned in a residential zone, while warehouses can be built on land zoned for industrial uses.

What is a Planning Scheme Amendment?

All municipalities in Victoria are guided by a local planning scheme which regulates how land can be used and developed.

Each planning scheme is made up of Victorian Government provisions as well as local provisions. Municipalities only have control over the local parts of the planning scheme and a planning scheme amendment is required to change these provisions (e.g. to rezone land or to apply an overlay).

What are Overlays?

Overlays are only applied to land where a specific issue needs to be considered. For example the Heritage Overlay seeks to protect buildings and places of historical importance while an Environmental Audit Overlay addresses potentially contaminated areas.

What is the Comprehensive Development Zone?

The purpose of the Comprehensive Development Zone is to provide for a range of uses including:

  • residential development/housing
  • business
  • town centre (that may include shops)
  • parks
  • community facilities

What is the Comprehensive Development Plan?

The Comprehensive Development Plan, which sits under the zone, provides specific guidance on how Precinct 15 can be developed. The plan is included as an Incorporated Document (i.e. attachment) to the Hobsons Bay Planning Scheme.

It includes a vision and objectives for Precinct 15 and requires consideration of:

  • built form and character
  • housing
  • employment and local centres
  • community facilities
  • open space or parks
  • transport
  • utilities and services
  • infrastructure delivery (such as roads)

Details of the Comprehensive Development Plan

The Comprehensive Development Plan proposes:

  • up to 3,000 houses
  • building heights of two to three storeys along Kyle Road and New Street
  • building heights of three to five storeys on Blackshaws Road and up to six storeys in the remainder of the precinct
  • six hectares of open space including one central park, four smaller parks and one landscaped drainage reserve
  • land for a new community facility
  • up to 5,500m2 for a local town centre that may include shops and a supermarket
  • a new business area of 7,000m2 that includes some of the existing uses such as the medical centre
  • a minimum five per cent affordable housing

Land Use Map


What is the Development Contributions Plan Overlay?

The Development Contributions Plan Overlay requires a developer to pay for certain things such as roads, community facilities or sporting reserves. The cost is calculated with regard to the need for the infrastructure and facilities generated by the proposed development.

Details of the Development Contributions Plan Overlay

The Development Contributions Plan Overlay requires the developer to provide almost $53 million worth of local works including:

  • local roads $27 million
  • road intersection improvements $13 million
  • community facility $6.5 million
  • sports reserves $5.6 million

What happens next?

Once the exhibition period closes, Council will consider all of the submissions received. Any that cannot be resolved need to be referred to a Planning Panel before Amendment C88 can proceed.

All submitters can present to the Planning Panel.

Does the West Gate Tunnel Project impact on Precinct 15?

Yes. It is proposed that four hectares of land at the north-east of the site will be required for part of the West Gate Tunnel Project. The land is identified as a ‘set down’ area during construction and will be used for access and maintenance buildings in the future. However, it is proposed that some of land the may be transferred to Council as additional open space or parks when the project is complete. This land will not be included as part of the open space requirement for Precinct 15. If the West Gate Tunnel Project does not proceed as planned and this land is not required, it will be used for houses, with the 3,000 housing cap maintained across Precinct 15.

Making a submission

Council is seeking feedback about the proposed amendment.

Exhibition is for eight weeks, opening on 6 July and closing at 5pm on 1 September 2017 and submissions must be received by the end of exhibition.

It is important to have your say now as the proposed planning controls generally do not allow objections and Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal appeals.

You can make a submission by:

  • online by visiting Councils Participate site SUBMISSION
  • writing to:

Manager Strategy and Advocacy Hobsons Bay City Council PO Box 21 Altona, VIC, 3018 emailing:


All submissions Council receive become public documents, which anybody may view.

Drop in Sessions

Council will also be holding information sessions at:

  • South Kingsville Community Centre: 43 Paxton Street, South Kingsville Thursday 20 July 2017 4.30pm to 7.00pm
  • Circle Health Building: 6/230 Blackshaws Road, Altona North Saturday 22 July 2017 10.00am to 1.00pm
  • Circle Health Building: 6/230 Blackshaws Road, Altona North Thursday 3 August 2017 4.00pm to 7.00pm
  • South Kingsville Community Centre: 43 Paxton Street, South Kingsville Thursday 10 August 2017 4.30pm to 7.00pm

Further information

If you would like more information about Precinct 15 or the planning process please:

Contact the Strategic Planning Department on 9932 1000.

The amendment can also be viewed at the Department of Environment, Land Water and Planning website www.delwp.vic.gov.au/public-inspection (External link)from Thursday 6 July 2017.

Should you wish to view the changes proposed by Amendment C88, they will be available in their entirety at the following locations:

  • Hobsons Bay Civic Centre: 115 Civic Parade, Altona
  • Altona Library: 123 Queen Street, Altona
  • Altona Meadows Library: 1-23 Central Avenue, Altona Meadows
  • Altona North Community Library: 180 Millers Road, Altona North
  • Newport Library: 13 Mason Street, Newport
  • Williamstown Library: 104 Ferguson Street, Williamstown
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