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New Residential Zones

New Residential Zones

On 27 March 2017, the Victorian Government reformed the residential zones that apply across metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria. This has changed the rules around how new dwellings can be developed in Hobsons Bay.

They make substantial changes to the General Residential Zone (GRZ), Neighbourhood Residential Zone (NRZ) and slight changes to the Residential Growth Zone (RGZ) and Mixed Use Zone (MUZ).

What are the changes?

The key changes include:

• an increase in the maximum height of buildings in the GRZ from a discretionary height of nine metres to a mandatory height of 11 metres (new three storey height limit)

• removal of the limit to the number of dwellings that can be built on land in the NRZ

• a new mandatory requirement for a minimum garden area to be provided in residential developments in the GRZ and NRZ (for lots greater than 400 square metres)

• the minimum garden area requirements also apply to single dwellings on a lot that do not require a planning permit

How does this impact me?

The majority of residentially zoned land in Hobsons Bay is within the GRZ. Council is working on reviewing all residential zones in the city to ensure the zones are applied appropriately.

If you are planning on developing new dwellings or extending an existing dwelling, then these changes may affect you.

When do the new zone changes take effect?

The reformed zones took effect on 27 March 2017 but transitional arrangements apply to ensure that development proposals received prior to 27 March and currently being considered are not unfairly disadvantaged.

This means that the new zone changes do not apply to existing planning permit applications for the construction, subdivision or extension of a dwelling or residential building lodged before 27 March 2017.

For more information on the transitional arrangements, visit the link opposite.

Where can I find more information?

More information about the New Residential Zones can be found here.

If you have any questions about what these change mean for you then please contact Hobsons Bay City Council on 9932 1000

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