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Rates and revaluations

Under State Government legislation from 2019, councils are required to revalue properties every year. A revaluation occurred in January 2018 and is used to determine rates in the 2018-19 financial year. 

Council has increased the average rate by 2.25 per cent.

You can change your address by completing this change of address form(PDF, 39KB).

Reading your rates

Rates are calculated based on property valuations and in accordance with Council’s Rating Strategy 2018-19 and the Local Government Act 1989. The value of your property is listed on your rates notice as capital improved value (CIV). The residential rate in the dollar this year is set at 0.2060 cents. Multiplying these two figures will give you your rates charge. 

For example, the calculation for a residential property worth $450,000 would be:

Capital Improved Value $450,000 x Rate in dollar 0.002060 = $927.00

Plus Waste Service Charge   = $229.40

Total Rates and Charges        = $1,156.05

There is a separate amount listed for the Fire Service Property Levy (FSPL). The reformed FSPL, collected with council rates, will incorporate a fixed charge component of $109.00 for residential properties and $221.00 for all other properties plus a charge based on the capital improved value (CIV) of the property.

The state government has created an online calculator to determine the levy based on the CIV of properties. The CIV is found on rates notices. To view the calculator, and for more information, visit www.firelevy.vic.gov.au

Paying your rates

The payment of rates is required in four instalments:

30 September 2018

30 November 2018

28 February 2019

31 May 2019

The instalment amounts are listed on your rates notice.

If you make a payment of the full amount on the first instalment date, no further notices will be issued until the 2019-20 financial year.

All payment options are listed on your rates notice and include credit card, BPAY, BPAY View, Post Billpay, direct debit(DOC, 322KB), EFTPOS, cash and cheque. If you would like to receive your rate notice by email please go to hobsonsbay.enotices.com.au

Pension concessions

If you have made an application and a pension rebate was given for the previous year, you will receive a concession total of $329.40 on this year’s notice.

The concession total includes $229.40 rebate from Centrelink, $50 rebate from Fire Services Property Levy and $50 rebate from Hobsons Bay City Council.

Any ratepayer who holds a Centrelink Blue Pension Card or a Veteran Affairs Gold Card entitlement as TPI or War Widow and who has not received a rebate on the rate notice, should contact the Council on 9932 1000.           

Further information regarding Concession entitlements (external link).

Hobsons Bay City Council has a Hardship Policy that provides ratepayers experiencing financial difficulties the option to defer, waive or enter into repayment schedules for costs owed to the Council. The policy provides clearer definitions of financial hardship and the options available to effected ratepayers.


If you do not agree with the valuation or the rate amount you may lodge an objection with Council.  In the first instance call 9932 1000 and if still unsatisfied, lodge a formal objection in writing. You can also object to your land classification code, which may also affect the FSPL. Please note that your objection must be lodged within two months of receiving the annual rates notice.

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Pay your rates online

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Rates explained

Find out how rate capping and property valuations affect your rates.