Hobsons Bay City Council - A-Z of forms, permits & fees

A-Z of forms, permits & fees

A-Z of forms, permits & fees

Advertising signs for community events form

Animals, birds and horse permits

Asset Protection Deposit & Inspection Fee Application Form 2018-19(PDF, 43KB)  

Boat Ramp New Applicants Form 2018-2019(DOCX, 42KB)

Boat Ramp Change of Details Form Current Permit Holders 2018-2019(DOCX, 43KB)

Building Permit Applications

Building Permit File Retrieval

Building over an Easement

Cat and dog registration form

Change of address form(PDF, 39KB)   Change of address form(DOC, 209KB)

Claim for compensation form

Community signboard application

Direct debit agreement form(PDF, 57KB)       Direct debit agreement form(DOC, 322KB)                

Disabled persons parking permit(PDF, 249KB)

Dispensation Application

Driveway construction permit application form

Event Expression of Interest Form

Fencing ownership form(PDF, 41KB)      Fencing ownership form(DOC, 205KB)

Filming permit

Footpath Trading Application(PDF, 440KB) Footpath Trading Application(PDF, 440KB)

Flood Prone Land Application

Hoarding and Street Occupation Permits

Infringement appeal form

Insurance compensation form

Land information certificate application(PDF, 215KB)      Land information certificate application(DOC, 239KB)

Parking permits (new permit) - online application

Parking permits - renew your permit - online application

Parking permits - downloadable application(PDF, 608KB)

Parks and reserves booking forms

Planning forms

Private tree removal application form(PDF, 228KB)

Property Information Request

Road Occupation Application Form 2018-19(PDF, 81KB)

Road Occupation Permit Application Form (online)

Road Opening Permit Application Form 2018-19(PDF, 81KB) 

Road Opening Permit Application Form (online)

Skip Bin Application Form 2018-19(PDF, 81KB)  

Street stall application form(PDF, 89KB)

Stormwater and Drainage Information Form 2018-2019(DOC, 53KB)  

Temporary Occupancy Permits

Truck Permit Application(PDF, 241KB) Truck Permit Application(DOCX, 112KB)  

Vehicle Crossing Application Form 2018-19(PDF, 81KB)  

Waste Residential Bin Order Form 2018-2019(PDF, 151KB)

Waste Non Residential Bin Order Form 2018-2019(PDF, 153KB)  

Wedding (Parks and Gardens) booking forms  

Weddings (Parks and Gardens) FAQ

Works in Road Reserve Permit Application Form 2018-19(PDF, 81KB) 


Venue Hire Fees and Charges (Calendar Year 2018)

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