Hobsons Bay City Council - RAMSAR Protection Program

RAMSAR Protection Program

RAMSAR Protection Program

Early in 2014 Hobsons Bay City Council joined up with the Port Phillip Westernport Catchment Management Authority (PPWCMA) and created a five year partnership under the banner 'RAMSAR Protection Program'.

This program which is funded by the Australian Government covers coastal sites of international significance across Westernport and Port Phillip Bay (Western Shoreline).

Truganina Park, Altona Coastal Park, and Paisley Challis Wetlands have all been identified as important wader bird habitat.

The program focuses on protecting and enhancing our local coastal saltmarsh and mangrove vegetation communities by undertaking on-ground actions to remove habitat altering weeds, as well as fencing highly sensitive areas to manage public access.

These actions will enhance natural regrowth of indigenous vegetation. This will be supplemented by addition plantings, with the end goal being to improve habitat for our shorebirds.

Laverton Creek



  • 1.8km of exclusion fencing at the rear of Truganina Park. This has restricted access from trail bikes and off road vehicles, which is encouraging saltmarsh vegetation to re-establish in areas previously impacted by motorbikes and vehicles.
  • 20Ha of weed removal at the rear of Truganina Park, 30Ha of weed removal at the Altona Coastal Park and 11Ha of weed removal at Paisley Challis wetlands. This includes the removal of noxious weeds African Boxthorn (Lycium ferocissimum), Boneseed (Chrysanthemoides monilifera) and Spiny Rush (Juncus acutus)
  • Ongoing monitoring and maintenance of the fence and reserves will ensure these sensitive ecosystems are protected for future generations.
Doug Grant Reserve Shorebirds interpretative sign

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