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Hobsons Bay is home to a diverse number of plants and animals including many endangered and/or threatened species.

Plant species occur in communities known as ecological vegetation classes (EVCs).

In our municipality, EVCs range from plains, grasslands, saltmarsh, coastal sedgelands and Calcarenite Dune Woodlands just to name a few.

There are regionally significant species, including Acacia retinoides var. ulicifolia – Coastal wirilda and Avicennia marina – White mangrove, as well as nationally significant species, such as Pimelea spinescens ssp. Spinescens – Spiny Rice Flower

For more information regarding EVCs, visit www.dse.vic.gov.au 

Noxious/environmental weeds

Weeds are colonizing plants that are found almost exclusively on previously disturbed land. Weeds that have the ability to invade areas which haven’t had disturbance in the past are considered the highest priority when rehabilitating environmentally sensitive areas.

High priority weed species include Nassella neesiana - Chilean needle grass, Lycium ferrocissimum - African boxthorn  and Nassella trichotoma - Serrated tussock.


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