Solar power savings

Solar power savings

2 June 2017 Please note: Council's residential solar program is closed for applications. Council does not have any contractors working door to door. If someone does knock and claims to represent Council please ring 9932 1000 to let us know. 

Council’s 2015-16 residential solar program has now concluded. The program assisted over 170 households to install solar panels on their roofs. These households can now enjoy reduced energy bills as well as the feel-good factor that comes with producing your own renewable energy at your home or business.

Our 2015-16 program provided:

  • 1,915 solar panels across over 170 households
  • 498 kW of solar power capacity installed
  • 825 tonnes of greenhouse gas savings per annum
  • over $1 million community investment in renewable energy

Ongoing support for program participants is available from Positive Charge, a not-for-profit organisation. Contact them on 9385 8555.

If you are interested in installing solar at your home, look at the Clean Energy Council’s 'Guide to Installing Solar PV for Households'

Click here to find out if you need a planning permit for solar panels

When is solar not the right option?

Do you have more questions? Please see our frequently asked questions and answers below.

Our Solar program - Frequently asked questions

If you wish to speak to someone at Council, please contact the Sustainability team on 9932 1000.

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