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Witness king tides

Witness king tides

 Witness King Tides is a community photography project that helps visualise the potential future impacts of sea level rise.

By partnering with our local community and Green Cross Australia, Council hopes to create a long term record of how our coastline changes over time. A picture says a thousand words. A photo can tell us the extent of the tide, the height of the waves, what is here and what was once here.

As there are very few long term beach monitoring projects around Australia, Hobsons Bay City Council is keen, with your help, to grow our knowledge about coastal processes. You can make valuable contributions to beach monitoring by submitting photos taken at different times of the year, before and after storms and during king tides. Photos can be submitted to Witness King Tides (www.witnesskingtides.org). It is very important to record the exact time, date and location of your photos. This allows photos to be compared with local weather data.

Local activities are also coordinated by Council. These include events with schools and time lapse photography.

On May and June 2017, 30 students from two local schools took part in this annual event. This was a great opportunity for students to learn about tides, storm surges and the impact that climate change has on our local coastline before heading out to photograph the coast. Hobsons Bay is proud to have partnered with our local community since 2013 to capture and photograph the high tide. It is heartening to see so many residents take part in creating this historic record each year. For a snapshot of who was involved see our annual group photos below. We look forward to seeing you at our next event.




Time-lapse photos were taken of the king tides from the Altona Life Saving Tower by Brent Seamer (2013) and the Andrew Brownbill (2017). To see the very first and most recent time-lapse photos please click on the links below:


To see what photos have been taken around the Hobsons Bay coastline over the last four years at the Council’s Witness King Tide events please see the Witness King Tides website www.witnesskingtides.org.au

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