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Green waste services

Green waste services

The green waste service includes an option for a 240 litre or 120 litre wheelie bin with a green lid for grass, leaves and prunings. Different fees apply for each sized bin.

What goes in my green waste bin?

Place green waste loosely in the bin - no plastic bags.

Grass clippings and weeds.

Garden prunings including Ivy, bamboo and creepers, noxious weeds, rose prunings and thorny plants.
Small branches and twigs – Maximum size: 100mm diameter x 300mm length.  


What not to put in the green waste bin

  •  NO plastic bags
  •  NO plant pots
  •  NO bricks, rubble, sand, soil or dirt
  •  NO large logs or stumps
  •  NO extra bags, boxes or bundles of green waste
  •  NO food waste
  •  NO nappies or household rubbish
  •  NO syringes

Wrong items in green waste bins ruin the green waste processing system.

Council incurs fees for the removal of incorrect items and cartage to landfill, which ultimately costs the community.


Handy green waste hint

Place material with heavy moisture content eg. freshly mown grass clippings near the top of your bin to prevent sticking.


Missed a collection? 

If you have done everything you think you should have and your green waste bin has not been collected, please contact Council on 9932 1000 or fill in our Missed Waste Collection online form


Lost, damaged and stolen green waste bins 

Council will replace or repair a Council-owned green waste bin if it has undergone normal wear and tear, or if it is stolen. A statutory declaration may be required.

If you have lost your green waste bin or it has been stolen or is damaged, please Council on 9932 1000.

Please note Council will not repair or replace privately owned green waste bins.

Damaged bins can also be reported online.

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