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Many species of wildlife call Hobsons Bay home, including amphibians (frogs), mammals (bats), reptiles (blue tongue lizard), birds (yellow-tailed black cockatoo) and insects (spider hunting wasps).

Some animals are known as generalists which means they are quite adaptable and found in a variety of habitats. Others are considered specialists and are specific to an area. These species are more vunerable to extinction.

Adaptability is the key to survival and in a fast changing world then it can be an issue for those specialists.


Blue Tongued Lizards are generalist species that can survive in a number of different habitats including manmade habitation. They even sometimes prefer introduced plants such as agapanthus and other exotic plants.

Their prey are also found in disturbed areas associated with human activities so it could well be that blue tongue lizards have expanded or increased in numbers.


Orange Bellied Parrots migrate each year from Tasmania to the mainland during winter to feed on glassworts that are associated with saltmarsh environments. In summer the parrots feed on the buttongrass plains of Tasmania. Saltmarsh across the mainland has suffered considerably due to a number of factors such as destruction of habitat through development and agriculture, weed invasion and feral pests, primarily foxes and cats.

Competition for food from introduced birds like finches and dogs off leash also play a contributing factor by disturbing parrots while feeding, which can critically impact their ability to fly back to Tasmania.


Wildlife Rescue

To report sick or injured Native wildlife please call 1300 094 535.

For more information on what to do if you come across injured wildlife, or how to become involved in wildlife rescue, please go to:



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