Hobsons Bay City Council - Climate change adaptation
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Climate change adaptation

Council is adapting to climate change to ensure resilience

In the scientific community it’s widely accepted that the risk of climate change is real. Hobsons Bay City Council supports a proactive and precautionary management approach to the risks associated with climate change. To support Council’s climate adaptation management activities the Council has adopted the Climate Change Adaptation Plan 2013-2018.

Aerial photo of Alton in flood 2008

Climate science

For information on the science of climate change, go to:

Mitigation and adaptation

Mitigation is about reducing the chance of climate change happening. To reduce the risks posed by climate change, individuals, organisations and governments can work to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. Hobsons Bay City Council aims to have zero net greenhouse gas emissions by 2020.

For further information, see Council’s carbon neutral page.

Adaptation is about strategies for living with the expected risks that climate change will bring. Over the last century, our society has released unprecedented amounts of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. This will result in our community feeling the effects of climate change for the next 90 years.

Climate change adaptation plan

The Climate Change Adaptation Plan 2013-2018 focuses on preparing Council’s infrastructure, programs and services so that they can manage the anticipated impacts of climate change. For a summary of the plan or to download the full document please see the links below.

Climate Change Adaptation Plan Summary(PDF, 1MB)

Climate Change Adaptation Plan(PDF, 5MB)