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Environment & Waste

Upcoming Events

Thursday, 14 June 2018                   Growing food in small spaces


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Waste & Recycling

Garbage, recycling and green waste, it's all here

Our Sustainable Residents

Get involved, take action and become connected, green, healthy!


Reduce water use, save money and improve local waterways

Our Sustainable Community

Information, community groups and annual events. Become connected, green, healthy.

Energy & greenhouse emissions

Reduce energy use, minimise greenhouse gas emissions and save money

Conservation & Biodiversity

Conservation reserves in Hobsons Bay protect significant flora and fauna and enhance biodiversity.

Climate change adaptation

Council is adapting to climate change to ensure resilience

Council environmental actions

Find out what Council is doing to minimise our impact on the environment.

Environmental strategies & advocacy submissions

Council sustainability commitments, actions and advocacy

Environmental Grants Program

Environmental Grants Program